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Commercial 45 Minutes

Meet with Adversity: Strategies of Successful Eikaiwa Schools

Sun, Oct 3, 15:30-16:15 Asia/Tokyo Room 4

Sharing my personal experience as someone who has worked in business development and upper management and successfully expanded two major school chains (one with 50 locations and one with 13 locations). I will share information on the market trends in the language teaching industry and how to successfully improve the business under unusual circumstances.

I'd like to help you grow your school and effectively leverage your advantage against your competitors.

  • Masaki Homma

    CEO of a company, M's Conexion Inc., that focuses on childcare and educational support for children and parents, and consulting services for educational companies like Eikaiwa/Bilingual schools and schools such as Daycare/Kindergarten. With a B.A. in education in the United States, he has been managed business companies in education industry as a top management for 20 years. In addition to the education business, he is involved in the growth of children in various ways, such as overseeing the operation of sports and outdoor events. He has a professional childcare qualification for home care.